TBT: Trauma treatment and protection against mental trauma

Applications for:

  • Gynecologists and midwives accompanying women with birth trauma.
  • Coworker in the refugee assistance
  • People working in civil protection.
  • First aiders in accidents
  • Nurses
  • Rescuers
  • Soldiers
  • Police Officers
  • Firefighters
  • Social worker

With TBT in self-application, you can avoid the risk of traumatizing yourself.

Your benefit of a self-application

  • with TBT....
  • protect yourself from traumatization.
  • protect yourself from burnout.
  • You can also handle a lot yourself.
  • you do not need any previous knowledge in trauma therapy.
  • save time and money.
  • TBT self-treatment quickly reduces stress levels.


Your benefit for daily practice

  • with TBT....
  • Working with those affected is more effective and successful.
  • Help people free themselves from stress and tension to traumatic memories.
  • you have a valuable addition to your daily practice.
  • TBT is a technique, not a therapy.
  • In the case of an acute trauma, reduce the possibility of a person developing a post-traumatic stress disorder.