TBT for self-help

When we hear the word trauma, we tend to think of highly dramatic events, such as wars, rape, earthquakes, floods, plane crashes, and other violent events, either experienced or witnessed in person. In the Trauma Buster Technique we summarize the term trauma, based on the Greek meaning of trauma = wound or injury.

Therefore TBT can be used for all events where people are anxious, stressed or depressed. The traumas do not have to be extreme to get relief. Sometimes family relationships make people feel stressed and anxious, and TBT can be used to reduce and eliminate negative feelings.

TBT is especially useful to help people change negative and unwanted beliefs. In the case of a particularly violent trauma, however, one should get the help of a certified TBT practitioner.

In my three-day workshop you can learn TBT for self-application.

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