Misophonia treatment with TBT

This picture shows a relaxed situation of two people. If the man were a Misophonia sufferer, he would probably not be looking at the woman is such a relaxed fashion.

What is misophonia?
Misophony is a condition whereby  negative emotions, thoughts, and physical reactions are triggered by specific sounds.“, but in principle it can be any repetitive sound.

Misophonia often begins at the onset of puberty and can dramatically worsen if not properly treated. Because, unlike phobias or constraints, trying to endure the stress-inducing noises leads to a worsening of the condition and to the addition of further triggers including visual triggers.

From: „Misophonia, Understanding and Overcoming“ by Thomas H. Dozier.


The success of the Trauma Buster Technique in the treatment of Misophonia triggers is very promising . A TBT treatment designed specifically for Misophonia works on a single trigger at a time. The goal is to be able to tolerate this trigger so that it no longer brings about a stressful reaction. It is important that we can reproduce the sound that triggers the reaction during the treatment appointment.

The answers to the following questions will tell you if someone is suffering from misophonia:
1. Are there any sounds or behaviours that cause an extreme negative reaction while not seeming to bother other people at all?
2. Do they trigger a reaction even when the noise is relatively quiet?
3. It also triggers when it is quiet?
If the answer is yes to both questions this would tend to point to misophonia.