TBT - Training - Berlin, introductory evenings with demo

TBT is a new revolutionary technique for the treatment of traumatic experiences and post-traumatic stress disorder. It has a high degree of physical and mental relief, even when experiencing shock - no matter how long it lasts, fast, gentle and lasting. The Trauma Buster Technique was developed by the EFT and NLP masters Rehana Webster in 10 years of fine work and combines special elements of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and EFT in a unique way. Even "non-feeling" people experience rapid and highly effective relief of post-traumatic stress and trauma, no matter how recent or how long the traumatic event or shock moment ago. The Trauma Buster technique is suitable for self-application and therapeutic application.


TBT - lasting help for people with shock, stress and trauma, an information evening
every second Wednesday of the month from 19 p.m. to 20.30 p.m. in my practice or on-site if necessary.
Fee: 15,- €
Registration per Mail: info@tbt-trainings.com
☎ Phone: +49 30 821 89 37
Mobile: +49 176 218 096 19
Or via the registration form

You have the opportunity to ask questions and see a demo treatment.

Dates at your location:
every fourth Thursday of the month or by arrangement. Minimum number of participants 10 people!
I look forward to your call.

  • If you:
  • have stressful thoughts and memories
  • search for an effective tool for your traumatized clients
  • work in dangerous or other high-stress occupations that can cause traumatic situations
  • a threatening situation that still weighs on them today
  • waiting for a trauma therapy place
  • suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder
  • seek a supportive supplement to your therapy
  • have depression
  • had a serious accident
  • have received a bad diagnosis that was deeply shocking
  • heard or saw something that you have not processed until today

Then this information evening can change your life significantly.