Feedback from workshop participants and client

The workshop followed a logical sequence,each step building on the last with precise details given at each stage. All our questions were answered with detailed explanations.The workshop was conducted professionally throughout but with care and warmth and in a way that all could understand. Unconditional recommendation for those who want to do the training or want to be treated;
I would go to Katharina Shobha Sünkel with all problems.
Diploma social worker, conversational therapist u.a.

Dear Katharina Shobha,
Thank you for the informative workshop. You led the workshop with warmth, empathy and a genuine sense of care. With your engaged, vivid and precise style you taught us the different techniques and patiently answered all our questions. You also used humour highly effectively. This created a trusting atmosphere where I felt safe and cared for.
Non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy.

Frau Sünkel I was so glad to have found a person who is competent at so many levels. Thank you for making  after hours appointments available when that was the only time I could come. You were able to restore me again and again when the prognoses I was given by doctors were so depressing. My incredible recovery, which the doctors have also acknowledged, shows that I made the right choice in coming to you. You always find the right words and ways to work on my hidden injuries.
Assistant in the health sector

"My first meeting with Shobha surprised even me. I experienced so much in only one session, every minute was valuable. Also, I am so grateful for this amazing specialist who really knows how to do the work, for such a warm and kind acceptance. From the first minutes I felt that I can trust this woman and she is able to understand me. I am very grateful to meeting her!"
Viktorija, Logopädin, Berlin

It's the encounters with people who make life worth living ... After suffering a major trauma (domestic violence in marriage), I somehow felt my life no longer had any meaning  . Fear,panic attacks,depression and restless nights now ruled my life. Then I was fortunate enough to attend a TBT presentation with Katharina Shobha Sünkel and I immediately volunteered as a test subject. My experience was unbelievable, what the technique did for me. I have now  found  peace and I sleep peacefully at night. I am now healed with the past traumatic experience and am able to go on with my life even with the knowledge of what happened to me. I now have a completely different look in my eyes and and my wellbeing has been restored. Thanks for the experience and great opportunity. Now I really want to learn the Trauma Buster Technique, so that I too can apply it to myself. J.R. Independent

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