TBT - Workshops and Presentations

TBT-Workshops  I-2019:

Berlin: 18th to 20th january 2018 (Friday to Sunday)

Natural Healing Practice
Wiesbadener Str. 5
12161 Berlin Friedenau / Germany

Der Seminarraum in meiner Praxis



The workshop commence each day at 10:00 am

Friday / Saturday at 6.00 pm
Sunday at 5:30 pm

Participation fee:
525,00 € (inkl. 19 % VAT)



To my practice



In this three Day TBT workshop you will learn how to apply the technique both for selfhelp and to others.

TBT-Workshops I - 2019
18th to 20th January
22nd to 24th February
29th to 31st March
24th to 26th May



With 3 months notice I am happy to organize a TBT course at your preferred location. If you do not see any special announcment here, the workshops will take place in Berlin

More TBT seminars this year

tbt workshop januar 2019 berlin

18th to 20th January in Berlin
Friday to Sunday

tbt workshop februar 2019 berlin

22nd to 24th February in Berlin
Friday to Sunday

29th to 31st March in Berlin
Friday to Sunday

TBT - the permanent solution for people with shock, stress and trauma..
It does not affect me - or maybe it does ?

T B T - P r e s e n t a t i o n  e v e n i n g

You have the opportunity to ask questions and see a demo treatment.

Venue : Natural Healing Practice, every second Wednesday of the month.
Start: 19.00 pm
End: 20.30 pm

Contribution: 15,00 €

The number of seats is limited, so please register early.



Dates available for presentations at your location:
Every fourth Thursday of the month. Minimum number of participants 10 persons !

I look forward to your call.

If you :

  • have stressful thoughts and memories
  • search for an effective tool for your traumatic clients
  • work in dangerous or other high - stress occupations that can cause traumatic situations
  • have been exposed to a threatening situation that still bothers you today
  • waiting for a trauma therapy place
  • suffer from post - traumatic stress disorder
  • seek a supportive supplement to your therapy
  • have depression
  • have had a serious accident
  • have received a diagnosis that shocked you
  • heard or saw something that you have not processed until today

I am pleased about your participation

If you would like to be kept informed about Trauma Buster Technique, energetic psychology and information about workshops / presentations dates you can find more information in my newsletter.