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I am Katharina Shobha Sünkel, Trauma Buster Technique trainer and practitioner, helping you defuse your inner "dream-bomb" so you can live the life you deserve. My personal development is a testament to being able to lead a happy life despite past, mental and physical difficulties. What has worked for me, since I started working as a naturopath for psychotherapy and naturopathy in 1994, I happily share. I am available for individual sessions in addition to training workshops.
I have more than 12 years of experience in the treatment of shock, trauma and PTSD. In April 2016, I was trained by Rehana Webster in the Trauma Buster Technique and received the TBT Practitioner certificate. Exactly the tool that I needed to help my clients more effectively and permanently. The results in two years of practice were convincing. In 2018, I received the TBT Trainer License.

I love to help my clients strengthen their empowerment. My passion is to educate people about the Trauma Buster Technique and to bring it to a presentation. I do this within Germany and internationally. My 23 years of experience as a trainer and seminar leader will benefit you. The number of participants in my training is usually eight to twelve people. My seminars are attended by people who want to add a valuable tool to their therapeutic suitcase, as well as by people who have discovered TBT as a self-help tool.


1984 Diploma of Communications

since 1994 Alternative practitioner for psychotherapie and naturopathy with various further education courses.

since 1995 lecturer in the field of health care at the Berlin adult education centers.

since 2008 - Trainer in the Association for Knock Acupressure e.V.

since 2016 - TBT - Practitioner
since 2018 - TBT - Trainer


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If you would like to book me as a trainer or TBT trainer for a group or organization or arrange a non-binding preliminary discussion?

Please email: info@tbt-trainings.com. or
Phone: +49 30 - 821 89 37 mit AB
Mobil: +49 176 - 218 09 619
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